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This dramatic drama by Dominique Morisseau unravels a story about a Detroit neighborhood called Black Bottom, at the heart of a club district called Paradise Valley, where a trumpeter called Blue runs a joint they called Paradise, where he fronts a quartet whose sidemen include a drummer called P-Sam and a pianist called Corn.

The bassist has quit, perhaps because his name was just Joe. With a cleverly designed set, a steamy plot, and characters that are hard to forget, the film-noir-influenced “Paradise Blue” is a riveting and moving play centering on Detroit’s Club Paradise, a combination jazz club and boarding house that has a lot of conflict.

There is conflict between band members, conflict between Blue, the owner, and a woman he loves, and a woman he despises. These hostilities are accompanied by the inner conflicts of each character, which intensify as the plot unfolds.


Saralyn Ortiz -Pumpkin
E. Domonique Henry – Blue
Xavier Jacques – Corn (AKA) Cornelius
John Davis, Tre’ – P-Sam
Stella Williams – Silver

Performance Dates:

Thursday, September 28th 7:00
Friday, September 29th 7:00
Saturday, September 30th 2:00
Sunday, October 1st 4:00

Thursday, October, 5th 7:00
Friday, October, 6th 7:00
Saturday, October, 7th 2:00
Sunday, October 8th 4:00